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As we enter the next chapter in collaborations, we asked Jason Belmonte a question. Which Storm ball should last forever? Jason replied, “Obviously, the Phaze II. TX-16™ is one of the best covers of our time.”

We agreed and started to create the next chapter! The Journey will mark the first time the TX-16™ will be added as a Pearl Reactive coverstock to any bowling ball in the Storm lineup. This ball is versatile for bowlers of any style and is designed to give you complete control on medium conditions when you may see the lanes changing quickly.  

We’re excited for you to take this ball on your bowling journey!

The Journey was strikingly crafted with the intent of offering versatility for any style that might use it. The F-8 Core certifies this by building off of a mid-range undrilled RG value that’ s neither too high nor too low – it’s just right. Positioned for control and adaptability, the Fate’s motion was as elegant as it was potent. Now, clad in fresh resin and armed with a brilliant finish, we retraced some of our steps with the Journey. While eerily familiar, those steps felt strange and new. which is exactly what Jason Belmonte, the number one player in the world wanted. When asked what Storm ball should live on forever, Jason replied: “Obviously, the Phaze II, mate .” The Journey stands on the shoulders of giants that came before it. TX-16 has been around for years and that’s not without merit. For the first time ever, a cleaner adaptation of this renowned cover is hitting the lanes. Pair it with the ever versatile F-8 Core and you now have the most exciting collaboration with Belmo to date: the Journey.

Everyone has their own Journey. Where will yours take you?

When compared to the Dual-Drive™, Piston™, and Piston™ LD, the Journey’s F-8 Core excels in differential. This heightened differential provides players with increased recovery and hitting power, surpassing all previous collaborations. Our newly designed weight block caters to multiple angles, delivering superior performance regardless of your rev rate.

Fragrance: Kiwi Cantaloupe

Release Date: November 17th, 2023


Color: Deep Indigo/Smoke/Turquoise

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