900 Global Zen Gold Label

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Weight: 12
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Looking for maximum control over your bowling shots? Look no further than the 900 Global Zen Gold Label Bowling Ball, the perfect weapon to stylishly strike every time!

The Zen Gold Label will be the cleanest and most responsive Zen to date! This ball was hand-crafted to give you the ability to open your angles and not feel like the ball is going to miss the breakpoint. Featuring our Reserve Blend 801 Pearl Cover combined with the Meditate Symmetric Core, the Gold Label will dominate any medium-heavy condition you can throw at it.


The more than proven Meditate Symmetric Core is the engine driving the Gold Label. Since the cover is so clean and responsive…this core makes perfect sense. Due to its massive size and readability, this single density symmetric core will not miss the spot as others can with skid/flip bowling balls. The low RG/high differential symmetric core will perfectly even out the angularity of the cover.

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