Radical Katana Strike

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Wow, the new Katana Strike from Radical is something special. With an Rg of 2.50 and differential of .051, there’s no doubt it will deliver a sharp reaction to friction and carry pins like no other ball out there! But what really sets this one apart is the new hybrid coverstock HK-22h – giving you increased mid-lane motion and hook than its predecessor, the Katana Assault. If you’re looking for accuracy and power combined with great pin action, then look no further than the Katana Strike! Get yours today and see why Radical Bowling has taken bowling technology to the next level!

The Katana Strike is a beast! It’ll flip on you like no other ball out there. We’ve added more hook, more flip, and more recovery than ever before. And the new HyperKenetic-22h coverstock pushes this ball to the next level. Our chemist has worked hard to create an innovative hybrid that will provide an explosive mid-lane reaction with even more powerful hooking potential. Get ready for strikes! The Katana Strike is the perfect addition to your arsenal – just what you need for your next big tournament win!

With our new ball launches, we are featuring new drilling instructions offering a wide variety of ball motion with “no balance hole” options so that bowlers can make a smoother transition into the new ball specifications. Again, this is just another example of why Radical is quickly becoming a leader in bowling ball technology. We call it the #Radical Revolution. At Radical Bowling Technologies, innovation is our commitment. We deliver high-tech, high-quality products for the betterment of the game …Wow! That’s Radical!

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