Roto Grip Duo

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Dynamic looks – CHECK!… Dynamic motion – CHECK!… The optimum balance of core strength and cover strength to create the most formidable DUO in the history of mankind – CHECK!… Approachable yet progressive, this performance powerhouse will not only assist you in your desire to be better, but it will also leave a long-lasting impression on everyone who comes in contact with it. So don’t just sit there and admire from afar, make a difference in your game and in the lives of others, visit your local VIP Pro Shop and add one to your bag today.

Dynamic power to the core, the symmetrical Mentor™ Core was built to produce plenty of positive motion. From its mushroom/bulb shape structure to the heavy density flip puck on bottom, (to give it extra giddy up) this part was constructed to deliver added forgiveness in the back part of the midlane and down lane where you need and want it most. To be perfectly honest, this latest addition to the HP3 family of cores was erected and developed from the inspiration of the Madcap™ Core numbers (DareDevil™ Series) from yesteryear. It’s ok, you can thank them later.

This coverstock technology is a banger regarding performance in the pearlized category . Featuring a 100% nanoparticle load dispersed evenly throughout, this pearlized concoction provides traction and response to friction while maintaining its surface profile over a longer period of time to ensure you get maximum performance each and every time. For the record, the pearl version of MicroTrax displaces oil at the highest rate of any of the pearl covers RG offers today. Basically, as their token of appreciation and thanks to you, they gift you added forgiveness on those not-so-great shots off your hand.

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