Roto Grip Exotic Gem

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Given the overwhelming success of the original Gem by bowlers of all skill levels around the globe, we felt it was important to make the next installment in this series something uniquely special like the first one. Let’s just say it didn’t take long for us to figure out that MicroTrax Pearl was the key element in this beauty.

So we went to work dialing in the proper ratios for each of the chemical elements to complement the nanoparticles blended throughout the entire coverstock. This was the most crucial factor in making sure this pearl ball would conquer those Medium/Heavy Oil conditions.

Bottom line, the Exotic Gem will produce skid through the front of the lane while still digging into the midlane where the Defiant LRG will take over and produce the strongest continuation of any high-end asymmetric pearl ball on the market today!

With recent more in-depth studies of flare migration and core tendencies we circled the wagons back to the Defiant Series of bowling balls which featured a core ahead of its time regarding flare migration in order to create a longer constant motion. Upon further review and testing, we found that by altering the composite of this core shape, we were able to create the fastest revving, strongest continuing, lowest RG asymmetrical core we have ever offered in the history of ever now known as the DEFIANT™ LRG CORE.

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