Roto Grip Retro Spare Charcoal

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Spare for dough, strike for show. Yes, you read that correctly. When filling frames is the name of your game, you best have the right equipment for the job. So, whether your old spare ball is tired and wore out, or you are looking for your first spare ball ever, the RETRO RG SPARE is here to help you fill those frames when you don’t strike. And don’t worry, the High-Impact™ Pearl Urethane is as durable as durable can get. Truth is, you will likely get tired of it, long before it gets tired of you.


We present to you most basic and simplistic core shape known to mankind, the Traditional 3-Piece Core which features a pancake shaped puck at the top which provides an end over end tumbling effect thus making this the ideal core for spare conversions.


Derived from the most durable polyurethane components we could find; this material incorporates a new level of structural tensile strength to provide unparalleled toughness. Not to mention you toss in the general elasticity aspect as well, when subjected to stress and impact, it will flex instead of shattering or chipping like plastic tends to do, thus making this material the perfect answer for a spare ball.

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