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The Venom Shock – a name synonymous with the prowess of EJ Tackett, a titan of the bowling world. And what better way to honor his legendary 2023 Player of the Year season than with a ball bearing his name? Enter the Venom ExJ, a powerhouse of a ball is poised to dominate the lanes like never before, delivering unmatched strength and control when it matters most!

The original Venom Shock's Turmoil coverstock remains a timeless choice for those medium-dry lanes, but there are times when you need to kick it up a notch on fresher or slicker surfaces.  Enter the Turmoil MXC Solid Reactive coverstock, harnessing technology from the Evoke and Forge Flare but on a more subdued cover base. With the Duramax additive sealing the deal, the Venom ExJ promises to seamlessly integrate into your lineup, offering a significant upgrade from the Venom Shock or standing tall as your benchmark ball.

The Gear Core has long been the gold standard for low rg / low differential cores. Its versatility and unwavering performance set it leagues apart from its counterparts. Now, with the Venom ExJ, we're taking the same core that powered the Venom Shock and Hyper Venom and pairing it with a significantly stronger coverstock.  Bowlers can now confidently wield Venoms in even more situations, unleashing their full potential on the lanes.

Prepare to unleash the full force of EJ Tackett's legacy with the Venom ExJ. It's time to step onto the lanes and rewrite the history books!

When to use

Speed Dominant:  Bowlers with a great deal of speed relative to their rev rate will find the Venom ExJ useful likely in the place where most balanced bowlers use the Venom Shock.  The earlier and smoother coverstock will allow speed dominant bowlers to throw a Venom when the Venom Shock would be too clean or weak. 

Balanced: For balanced bowlers the Venom ExJ is a benchmark ball, offering a smooth and controllable motion on medium-dry to medium-heavy conditions.  The greatest distinction between the Venom Shock and the ExJ Venom is that the ExJ is earlier and smoother, making it easier to use as a benchmark but less suited for creating steep angles. 

Rev Dominant: Crankers will use the Venom ExJ on heavier oil fresh patterns.  The traction in the oil along with the fast spinning and stable Gear core makes the Venom ExJ great for rev dominant players to use this one more than any previous Venom. 

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