Roto Grip Clone

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We are dedicated to improving players’ ability to conquer various lane conditions and comply with governing rules. This led us to create the asymmetrical Cloned E.T.™ Core (Equalizer Technology Core). By featuring built-in cavities, this avant-garde technology can increase weight displacement after drilling, without the need for a balance hole, resulting in greater ball motion.

Engineered for medium-heavy to heavy oil conditions, this cloned E.T.™ Core is truly exceptional. The base of the inner block contains built-in cavities, mirroring the effects of an extra hole, depending on your chosen drill. Given balance holes are no longer legal in sanctioned competition, we’ve devised a solution for capturing more flare potential and dynamics.

Our innovative E.T.™ Core boasts a lower RG and high differential, the perfect recipe for increased flare potential. However, by integrating these “equalizer cavities”, we’ve unlocked even more built-in dynamics after drilling.

Experience unrivaled midlane traction and friction response with the new OptiTrax Solid Coverstock’s blend. Its prolonged texture ensures your ball maintains maximum performance by displacing oil faster than other coverstock materials on the market today.

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